Kick-off meeting platform projects

Submariner Network attended on 17.10.2018 the kick-off meeting of the platform projects organized by Interreg in Riga. The representatives of six approved platform projects gathered together to show their efforts to capitalize achievements of previous projects.

The platform projects are a new instrument of Interreg that should show and promote the outcomes made in various projects (the outcomes are not restricted to Interreg BSR projects only, also other EU funded projects could be included as Horizon 2020 or BONUS). All lead partners of the six approved platform projects come from Finland, the 2ndcall for platform projects is already open. The platform projects will be part of the Interreg programme conference that will take part in April 2019. The Submariner Network takes part in the platform project called “Blue Platform” with SYKE as lead partner onboard. 


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