New open source academic paper on Multi-Use co-authored by s.Pro/SUBMARINER published

new paper
Check out the new publication here.
Multi-Use can vary in the degree of connection between users and uses as well as the drivers behind it. The shared marine resource in this context can be geographical (e.g. ocean space), physical (e.g. infrastructure or energy), human (e.g. same staff) or even biological (e.g. fish stocks). 
One of the recently published academic papers “Toward a Common Understanding of Ocean Multi-Use”, resulting from the MUSES (Multi-Use in European Seas) project, aims to generate a common language and typology for current multi-uses, thereby creating a starting ground for a more conceptual study of this field. The paper emphasises the connectivity of uses and users as a unique characteristic of ocean multi-use, and analyses it in a set of four dimensions: the spatial, temporal, provisioning, and functional dimensions. 

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