AquaVIP project has been funded

AquaVIP, a follow-up to the InnoAquaTech project, will focus on boosting education with the aim of a better prepared labour force and business capacity in innovative aquaculture.

AquaVIP will build on our experiences with capacity building in aquaculture competences and modern aquaculture technologies (e.g. aquaponics, microalgae cultivation and RAS) from projects such as InnoAquaTech and other national and European projects. The ultimate goal of the AquaVIP project is to create a virtual career and mobility center for the innovative aquaculture sector. The AquaVIP project will be featured on the SUBMARINER Aquaculture website.

Project consortium: KSTP (Lead Partner), Rostock University, University of Gdańsk, Klajpeda University 

Planned project duration: 1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2022 

AquaVIP will be funded by the Interreg South Baltic programme.


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