Three SUBMARINER Network projects approved by Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Applications for three new SUBMARINER Network projects have now been approved and will start their implementation in spring 2016. This is the result of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme’s Monitoring Committee meeting in Malmö, Sweden on 18 and 19 November 2015.

The three new SUBMARINER Network projects will make significant contributions towards turning the Baltic Sea Region into a model region for sustainable blue innovations and smart combinations:

  • Smart Blue Regions: Lead by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), the project will seek to enhance blue growth opportunities based on increased capacity of regions around the Baltic Sea to implement blue smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). Partner regions and their research and innovation actors will develop implementation schemes for RIS3, make blue growth visible via an indicator system, optimise their policy mix for blue growth, explore its cross-sectoral potential and identify smart transnational cooperation opportunities.
  • Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance: Lead by GEOMAR (Germany), this project will bring together blue biotechnology actors from across the Baltic Sea Region to develop innovative marine bio-based products. By systematically pooling national capabilities for joint product development and marketing the participating research institutes and business clusters will be able to reach the critical mass for action.
  • Baltic Blue Growth – Initiation of full scale mussel farming in the Baltic sea: Lead by Region Östergötland (Sweden), the project will initiate large-scale, business-based feed-mussel farming to harvest nutrients from the Baltic Sea. Concentrating on four focus farms and two test farms in Sweden, Åland, Denmark, Germany and Latvia, this project aims to proceed from pilot stage to real cases and build up an awareness and capacity concerning blue growth and mussel farming among the private and public sector.

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