EUR 30 million to fund top Blue Baltic research and innovation projects

BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme has opened a competitive BONUS call for proposals “Blue Baltic” worth a minimum of EUR 30 million. Proposals submitted by the deadline of 10 March 2016 will be able to apply for 3-year projects and up to EUR 3 million of funding.

The rules and procedures of BONUS follow closely those of the EU’s Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. Projects are executed by consortia composing of research and/or industrial partners from various BONUS member countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Sweden).

In the call, some of the themes are more research oriented whereas in some themes a participation of enterprise(s) is a requirement.

BONUS is funded jointly by EU and the eight member countries around the Baltic Sea and the by a total of EUR 100 million for the years 2011-2017.

For more information about the BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic, visit, or email to: bonus(at)

photo: Jodi Jacobson, iStockPhoto


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