Registration open for the Global Bioeconomy Summit!

Registration is now open for the Global Bioeconomy Summit, taking place on 16-18 November 2020. The Summit is a high-level, biennial international conference. It has become the leading event with a format to globally review and discuss emerging opportunities and challenges of bioeconomy and develop visions for future development of sustainable bioeconomy among key actors from governments, science and innovation, business and civil society. 

The SUBMARINER Network will contribute to two workshops: 

Rebooting the Economy – Sustainability, Growth, and Climate Action
Timing: November 18,  4-7 p.m. (CET)

The aim of the workshop is to showcase the opportunities the sustainable and circular bioeconomy can provide to make (local and national) economies more resilient and to stimulate growth for the Covid-19 recovery as well as for the green transition towards a carbon neutral future, through the collection of scalable and actionable bioeconomy solutions from different continents. The workshop will feature four break-out groups: 

  • Land-bsaed bioeconomy 
  • Blue Bioeconomy
  • Bioeconomy at the regional level 
  • The role of the bioeconomy in developing countries 

Each breakout group will cover the following questions/key concepts:

  • What are best practices and examples for scalable and actionable bioeconomy solutions to make (local and national) economies more resilient and to stimulate growth for the Covid-19 recovery?
  • How to effectively address conflicting sustainability objectives (environmental, social and economic trade-offs) in the development of a bioeconomy strategy?
  • How can the bioeconomy contribute to deeply transformative climate action initiatives, such as the European Green Deal?

Land and sea: sustainable bioeconomy and inter-regional ecosystems
Timing: November 16,  8-10 a.m. (CET)


The workshop will run for 2 hours and be focussed around 3 Agenda Topic areas:

  • Agenda Topic Area 1 – Forest and wood-based bioeconomy
  • Agenda Topic Area 2 – Industrial transition to the bioeconomy: Bio-ports
  • Agenda Topic Area 3 – Ocean bioeconomy
with two presentations under Topic Area 3 on:
  • “Blue Bioeconomy advancements and opportunities in the Baltic Sea facilitated through the SUBMARINER Network” (Efthalia Arvaniti)
  • "Bioeconomy synergies with other sectors: Ocean Multi-Use Approach" (Ivana Lukic)
followed by a Consolidation and inspiration session (with Ivana Lukic in the panel)

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