BalticRIM outputs are now available in a final report and separate handbook

The BalticRIM project developed Baltic Sea wide principles and elaborated national practices for integrating maritime cultural heritage into maritime spatial planning. These results are now presented in two major documents of the project, namely the BalticRIM Final Report and a separate handbook displaying the project's solutions.

The Final Report provides a synopsis of the legal and administrative situation and of the practices concerning the management of MCH with respect to MSP across the Baltic Sea states. Analyses deal with the first round processes of MSP during 2017-2020. The BalticRIM recommendations are tailored separately for both cultural heritage administration and MSP. In addition, this publication considers the role of MCH in current blue growth initiatives across the BSR and the development of perspectives, focussing on tourism.

separate handbook provides an overview of the solutions concisely. BalticRIM data portal ( displays the spatial data regarding both the MSP pilots and gathered blue growth information and BalticRIM WIKI ( presents MCH and UCH terminology with attached definitions.


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Remains of trees, found on the seabed in the depth of 25 m in Lithuanian waters, inside the BalticRIM pilot planning area. Photo V. Žulkus, Klaipeda University.


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