Two new multi-use publications: regional networks are essential for scaling up sustainable bioeconomy solutions!

SUBMARINER is pushing the discussion on ocean multi-use forward with two new publications.  

The publication titled "Multi-use of the Sea as a Sustainable Development in Five EU sea Basins" is a result of the MUSES project collaboration (2016-2018). It examines the role of the multi-use concept in the context of sustainable development in 5 EU sea basins. It has been published in “Sustainability” as part of the Special issue “Sustainable Spatial Planning and Territorial Governance”.

“Regional approaches, and the role of multi-level, cross-sectoral networks and accelerators, such as the SUBMARINER Alliance Plus Accelerator in the Baltic Sea (Submariner Network, n.d.), are essential for creating a suitable ecosystem and initiating and scaling up sustainable bioeconomy solutions. Such solutions range from the innovative uses of seaweed, shellfish, and beach cast to sustainable aquaculture solutions such as integrated multi-trophic aquaculture and recirculating aquaculture systems.”

The second publication titled "Land and sea: addressing the challenges facing inter-regional ecosystems in developing a sustainable bioeconomy" highlighted the essential role played by regional networks in scaling up sustainable bioeconomy solutions.

The article was published in the EFB Bioeconomy Journal following Land and sea: sustainable bioeconomy and inter-regional ecosystems virtual workshop, held as part of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020. This session among others focused on the innovative blue bioeconomy, restoration and multi-use concept. Both UNITED and MULTI-FRAME projects were presented during the session to exemplify the ongoing ocean multi-use research.


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