SUBMARINER submitted 14 proposals in Q4 of 2021

The SUBMARINER Secretariat and its network partners collaborated in no less than 14 transnational project proposals and EC tenders in the most recent round of submissions, for the upcoming funding period of 2021-2027.

1) Resource-oriented:

  • SeaThrough: Diversification of EU Consumers SeaFood Plate
  • AURORA: Cultivation and processing of micro- and macroalgae
  • SeaMark: Seaweed-based market applications
  • SeaTernal: Seaweed-based Technology for Recyclable Nature-Inspired Materials

2) Support-oriented:

  • Pre4Blue: EU Preparatory Project for HEU Missions
  • BlueBioClusters: Support to Blue Bio Companie & Regions
  • EU Aqua: EU Aquaculture Assistance Mechanism
  • EU4Algae: European Algae Forum (won! - read dedicated article)
  • BalticSeaSafe: Baltic Algae Biohazard & Food Safety Group (won! - read dedicated article)

3) Policy-oriented

  • CrossGov: Coherent, cross-compliant ocean governance for the EU Green Deal for European Seas
  • BlueSteps: Blue Sustainable Transition towards European Zero Pollution for Oceans and Seas
  • ECO2ST: European Coastal Communities' Social Transformation
  • MSP4BIO: Science-based MSP to safeguard & restore biodiversity in a coherent EU MPA network
  • ShapingBio: Shaping the future bioeconomy across sectoral, governmental and geographical levels





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