Coming soon: The SUBMARINER Catalogue

Thanks to the Nordic Council of Ministers and Interreg BSR Blue Platform projects, SUBMARINER will soon be launching its very own Baltic-based catalogue of companies, products and services!

SUBMARINER stands for Sustainable Use of Baltic MARINE Resources, and the catalogue aims to become an accelerator platform, promoting Baltic businesses and facilitating the establishment value chain networks across (but not limited to) the Baltic Sea Region. Companies do not have to be based in the Baltic, but preference will be given to products and services using raw materials obtained or processed in the Baltic countries (including Norway and Russia).

The catalogue is a searchable shop window of companies to showcase their products and connect with other companies such as raw material producers, processors, service providers and the general public. All companies and products will be subject to an internal sustainability audit before publishing, to ensure that all the listings use Baltic marine resources sustainably. The long-term goal is to give start-ups and SMEs a free platform to network and promote their work with larger companies, and create a community of Baltic Sea actors .

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