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15. December 2021


In the next 3 years, s.Pro-sustainable projects GmbH will be co-managing the EU4Algae Forum (2022-2025), after a decision was released this week.

The consortium is led by EurA Germany, an international consulting company, while other partners of the consortium are SystemiQ, that is managing Seaweed4Europe Coalition, and Technopolis, that manged Blue Bioeconomy Forum, and also finally with European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) as key partner.

The aim of this 3-year work with to setup and maintain the European algae stakeholders forum (EU4Algae) and also bring more algae species to the EU market. The EU4Algae Forum is the platform that enables algae interested parties (from research, business, investment, general public and policy) to jointly implement the expected EU Algae Action Plan (2022), while offering a forum to openly speak and discuss market driven breakthroughs for the sector.

The main scope of EU4Algae are: macroalgae, microalgae, cyanobacteria and Labirinthulomycetes.

The consortium as a whole is directly connected to the main European algae initiatives currently representing 286 members from over 43 countries (EU and non-EU). See image above.

s.Pro will lead the following specific activities:

improving business environment. S.Pro will identify and drive forward the EU algae business environment improvement and stimulation actions, promote entrepreneurship and business creation and compile and keep information on the calls and projects published up to date under EU funding programmes related to blue bioeconomy and algae; and accelerating research, knowledge, innovation and development. s.Pro will provide a summary of algae-related European Union project results, emphasising the Bioremediation potential of algae through the organisation of surveys, polls and webinars.

Several members of the SUBMARINER Network will benefit from the EU4Alge activities, foremost those participating in the Accelerator for Blue Growth (previously Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance project), and the Macroalgae Working Group. Furthermore, since SUBMARINER members are also members of the Seaweed4Europe and of EABA, we foresee stronger joints collaboration among the three institutions and programmes, and more algae on the mix of SUBMARINER.

The total budget of the project is 900,000 € for a three years project, and s.Pro earmarked 23% of the budget with activities. The next step is to sign the contract and develop the inception report by March 2022.


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