The Ocean Multi-Use Knowledge Network aims to facilitate the international exchange between the ongoing multi-use projects on the global level and enhance the communication with the policy and industry community on the topic of ocean multi-use.
The discussions facilitated through the Knowledge Network are expected to advise the research and policy agendas and increase motivation and confidence for further implementation of the ocean multi-use concept. 

State of the art

Numerous large-scale research projects have provided promising designs, technological solutions and models for combining activities, in terms of economic potential and environmental impact. Nevertheless, the visibility of these projects and the exchange of information with actual industry and policy community remained scarce. The uptake of project results has also been low, mainly due to the lack of long-term collaborative platforms that would allow for the data and information exchange between projects and across countries. 

To address this gap several EU countries have initiated stakeholder collaboration initiatives in the context of the multi-use, including the ongoing Dutch Multi-Use Community of Practice and the Belgium MSP Vision stakeholder working group on ocean multi-use. The operation of such initiatives, however, remained limited to the national scopes. 

Why Knowledge Network?

The continuous engagement between stakeholders and collaboration between different sectors is an important prerequisite in order to decide whether, how and when a multi-use can be developed. Moreover, the MUSES Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan (2018) suggested the formation of the long-term international collaborative platform that would facilitate the exchange of results and information between different projects and the relevant industry and policy players on the topic of multi-use. Such collaborative platform could ensure better visibility of these results and encourage their better uptake I relevant policy and planning processes. Such collaboration initiative is also especially relevant now when several multi-use projects are expected to deliver results from the demonstration pilots and case studies.

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