"Red seaweeds have been studied for their enormous potential for a myriad of uses, such as cosmetics, functional foods, etc. Moreover, the advances in biotechnology widened the range of such uses. A perfect example of this is VETIK, an Estonian Startup created in 2017, that is developing innovative processing technologies to extract red pigments from red seaweeds! Allying years of experience in harvesting seaweeds and a science background in biotechnology, Vetik is advancing with new and exciting projects!"*

Learn more about Vetik - read the full interview with Valmar Kasuk, one of the Vetik founders, about the company's current projects and future ambitions.

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* Source (quote & the title picture):  Ana Ferreira. BioMarine Community. MyBlueCity is going digital | Interview #18 | Vetik. Vetik – Discovering the potential of red seaweeds. Originally posted here on Mai 21, 2019.


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