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BalticRIM: 3rd project partner meeting in Kaliningrad

On 5-6 February 2019, in the framework of Interreg project “Baltic Sea region integrated maritime cultural heritage management” (R#64 BalticRim), Atlantic Branch of P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, hosted the 3rd project partner meeting. The venue of the meeting was the Museum of the World Ocean, associated partner of the project. The meeting was attended by 24 experts on maritime spatial planning, underwater archeology, marine heritage preservation, the Baltic Sea environment, representing 15 different partner organizations from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Russia.

During the meeting, the results of the completed reporting period were presented. One final and three interim reports were presented: the status reports on methodology and findings of assessing of existing data on MCH, including data requirements and data availability from MCH perspective; on methodology and obstacles during schematization of cultural Heritage assets, including data requirements and data availability from MSP perspective and the role of MCH and legal implications for MSP in the BSR countries (interim results);  the  status report  on review of existing knowledge and gaps in information on MCN, definition of categories for the Baltic classification of overview of existing knowledge and gaps on MCH and defining of categories (final result).

An overview of the workshops for stakeholders conducted by project participants in the Baltic Sea countries, was done. Then, the progress of pilot cases elaboration (10 cases) was outlined for every participant country.

The results of the discussion of the presented status reports and project results achieved in general were summed up. Important part of the meeting were discussion in regard of strategic communication with other MCH or MSP projects and overview of upcoming conferences and other events relevant for BalticRIM tasks. In a wrap-up session further responsibilities and tasks were allocated.

Project dinner (05.02.2019) and city guided tour (06.02.2019) brought together all participants, letting to get acquainted with the Kaliningrad, the center of most western region of Russia, located at the South Baltic.


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