Baltic Sea
actors and activities

Public and private actors involved in new marine uses know of each other
and their activities and thus achieve better and faster results with less resources

Suggested actions

  • Collect information, establish and maintain a BSR-wide database on
    • Research institutions, researchers and experts;
    • Companies;
    • Intermediaries and transfer organizations;
    • Past and ongoing activities and projects;
    • New research and project ideas;
    • (Bio-)technical equipment;
    • Available education in various levels;
  • Identify potential linkages between natural and socioeconomic research and introduce research results of both disciplines to each other;
  • Support actions for information and contact exchange among new marine use stakeholders;
  • Integrate marine sectors into BSR-wide research and technology development projects, which integrate knowledge for whole the catchment area of Baltic Sea, e.g. energy sector, waste treatment, CO2 capture and storage, socio-economic aspects, i.e. via
    • ongoing communication across EUSBSR stakeholders and related BSR projects;
    • facilitate contact and information exchange, networking and coordination with other networks;
    • organisation of sectoral and cross-sectoral match-making events;
    • facilitate good practice transfer from traditional maritime sectors as well as terrestrial bio-economy stakeholders to SUBMARINER cases.


Network Coordinators


  • All stakeholders

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