BSR-wide systematic approach
to blue biotechnology research

Efficient and effective use of blue biotechnology
research capacities across the Baltic Sea Region

Suggested actions

  • On the basis of the systematic mapping of research capacities, research fields and laboratory equipment across the BSR and analysis of BSR and national priorities / needs for Blue Biotechnology applications contribute to development of national (blue)biotechnology strategies;
  • Develop pan-Baltic research agenda and create respective pan-Baltic research groups for:
    • Investigation, development and use of marine (macro)molecules from micro- and macroorganisms or the use of marine microorganisms for all kind of applications;
    • Use of biomarine material for medical and health applications;
    • Exploitation of feed and food supplements from marine cell cultures and any kind of cultures from marine organisms;
    • Establishment of suitable expression systems for marine proteins;
    • Development of environmental monitoring systems based on biochips.
  • Identify and test Baltic Sea organisms for various applications
    • Isolate new microorganisms such as microalgal, bacterial and fungal species and distribute them to relevant network partners around the Baltic Sea who can further screen the isolates for different kind of applications (e.g. controlled cultivation of biomass in large scale in BSR conditions; production of the biofuels and various high-value compounds; removing nutrients and pollutants from waste streams);
    • Emphasize naturally occurring species with the potential to produce high amounts of valuable ingredients and possibly tolerating wide range of environmental conditions;
    • Evaluate possibilities of macroorganisms e.g. macroalgae, mussels and reed in production of high value compounds;
    • Identify suitable combinations of fish / macroalgae / mussel species to be used in IMTA to produce blue biotech products;
  • Establish a BSR centre for bioprospecting of Baltic Sea microorganisms
    • Creating a (virtual) centre comprising all actors from public research institutions and companies working at the research and the sustainable use of marine microorganisms;
    • Enhancing the national, transnational and international awareness and the visibility of the BSR activities, which are carried out in the research and the exploitation of marine microorganisms for biotechnological products;
    • Establishing a central information base for marine biomaterial: Central management, good practice standards and legal pre-conditions for take-over of the biomaterial in culture collections, genetic and compound libraries as well as the respective data in the database; utilisation of the biomaterial for research and application;
    • Promote the scientific expertise and the know-how in product development and marketing of the partners participating in the BSR centre.

Blue biotechnology

Network Coordinators


  • Biotechnology clusters
  • Relevant research institutions

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