Data sets of
Baltic Sea resources

Filling the identified gaps in data availability on Baltic Sea Resources

Suggested actions

  • Establish and implement BSR-wide best practices for monitoring and systematic mapping of:
    • biomass resources (macroalgae, reed);
    • nutrient resources and CO2 sources for microalgae cultivation;
  • Identify and recommend institutional structures for permanent monitoring as well as structures for data-sharing and visualisation (GIS);
  • Link the data sets with surveys and mapping of other local (terrestrial) resources and demand for biogas or any other biomass refinery process;
  • Develop a system to support the use of existing monitoring data (e.g. water depth, hydrographical – biological – use – exposure data) to identify best sites (environmental and cost-effectiveness) for mussel cultivation, fish aquaculture sites and macroalgae cultivation.


Network Coordinators


  • Research institutes and responsible regional / national bodies for monitoring of marine and coastal resources

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