Regional energy solutions
integrating marine resources

Encourage appropriate consideration of marine resources in energy planning
in order to create markets for climate friendly energy production

Suggested actions

  • Develop regional concepts for integration of marine resources in regional plans on renewable energy and climate protection ensuring the use of both existing and new marine and terrestrial resources, e.g. wind mills, solar energy, biogas;
  • Introduce concept of smart combinations of uses, where a systematic approach to biomass use beyond the energy sector complements the biorefinery concept;
  • Promote marine resource use in renewable energy production with stakeholder involvement and policy support; i.e. introduce concept as part of sustainable region development with the authorities, politicians and business representatives;
  • Develop economic models for use of marine resources in renewable energy production;
  • Develop regional and national case studies and models;
  • Develop a placement strategy for biorefineries including marine resources around coastal regions;
  • Improve networking among biorefineries across the BSR;
  • Use experience of forestry and agriculture in blue refinery concepts: collect relevant information about their experience on biorefinery concepts to help to transfer to blue concepts;
  • Encourage technology development and continue to refine the process of biogas from marine resources;
  • Optimise techniques and logistics for harvesting biomass, transport to biogas plants, and for refining products;
  • Promote use of small scale wave energy generators.


Network Coordinators


  • Municipal and regional authorities

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