Unlock financing for innovative
uses of marine resources

Improve access to finance for collaborative projects
involving private and public stakeholders

Suggested actions

  • Collaborate with investment funds, venture capital organisations,etc.:
    • Establish contacts with public and private financing organisations;
    • Identify offers, interests and needs by financing bodies and possible fields of cooperation;
    • Raise awareness among researchers, research institutes and other stakeholders on requirements of “bankable” projects;
    • Study and assess innovative forms of knowledge brokerage;
    • Initiate individual and multilateral meetings and consultations;
  • Improve relationship between public research and private companies:
    • Raise awareness among industry on project opportunities and benefits to be gained from participation in public funded programmes and seek their active input and vice versa;
    • Study and assess challenges for private-public collaboration;
    • Identify, assess and disseminate good practices of private and public collaboration, develop “vademecuum / guidelines”;
    • Organise and attend workshops showing case studies on how companies and research can collaborate;
    • Encourage and assist networking and concrete development of Public-Private Partnerships at regional and local level;
  • Develop target and output-oriented applications to both public and private funding programmes:
    • Inform SUBMARINER Network partners on funding opportunities and their specific requirements and vice versa;
    • Develop strong triple-helix project partnerships based on partner institutions strengths.


Network Coordinators


  • Private companies
  • Maritime clusters
  • Funding / financing bodies

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