Create positive image for products and
services from marine resources

Raise awareness on environmental functions / services provided by new uses of marine
resources and create markets for new products from marine resources

Suggested actions

  • Carry out public awareness campaigns:
    • Create information material (flyers, presentations, etc.) on potential of new and innovative sustainable marine resources;
    • Identify and create success stories (local, regional, national);
    • Undertake regional and national campaigns on value of ecosystem services and nutrient recycling for various stakeholder groups;
    • Produce and disseminate regular SUBMARINER newsletters and/or magazines;
    • Create cooperation with media to integrate them into public campaign;
  • Conduct market surveys about potential of products from marine resources:
    • Collect relevant data about new products from marine resources;
    • Conduct studies on current market situation for products from marine resources at appropriate scale (from regional to international);
    • Identify potential target organisations and associations/companies as customers of new applications;
    • Conduct studies on the acceptance of genetically modified microorganisms for use in bioenergy, cosmetics, food;
  • Carry out information campaigns, workshops and involve companies on:
    • Possible new and local fish species (regional level);
    • Development of new fish and chicken feed (from mussels);
    • Organic fertilisers;
    • Blue Biotechnology applications;
    • Reed as ecological insulation material;
  • Support establishment of a Baltic Sea Brand and Distribution Network (mid-term) for:
    • Fish from BSR aquaculture;
    • Mussel meal products and organic fertilisers;
    • Cosmetics, health care and wellness products;
    • Production of raw materials from Baltic Sea organisms such as agar from the algae Furcellaria.


Network Coordinators


  • Relevant sector organisations
  • Clusters

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