Pilot sites for
empirical research

Create pilot sites around BSR for empirical research

Suggested actions

  • Promote investments into concrete pilot sites for new uses of marine resources by:
    • Studying existing cases inside and outside the BSR;
    • Developing feasibility studies and business plans for concrete cases (i.e. joint algae research centre, bio-refineries, mussel cultivations, macroalgae and reed harvesting, wave energy installations);
    • Presenting them to public and private funding institutions;
  • Pilot Site Applications:
    • IMTA: investigate site-specific solutions which could mean different combinations of fish, algae and mussel farming at one site in order to find optimal technical and economical solutions;
    • RAS technologies in combination with specific sites of the Baltic Sea;
    • Pilot sites for agar production;
    • Macroalgae and mussel cultivation pilot sites;
    • Pilot sites for reed harvesting;
    • Microalgae cultivation pilot site(s) for multidisciplinary research around the BSR for large-scale cultivation, including test sites for nutrient removal from waste streams;
    • Biorefinery pilot sites;
    • Pilot sites for wave energy production;
  • Identify most suitable sites within wind parks in relation to cultivation technologies.

Pilot sites

Network Coordinators


  • Regional and National funding organisations with research and industry
  • Local and regional business development parks
  • private companies
  • maritime clusters
  • municipalities

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