Create better legal and
regulatory conditions

Reduce vagueness in current legislation and regulations
in view of innovative uses of marine resources

Suggested actions

  • Assess the existing integration of innovative uses of marine resources in relevant EU Directives;
  • Establish a dialogue with relevant national authorities and respective EU COM Directorates;
  • Foster a joint interpretation on how to reach targets set by the relevant EU Directives (e.g. Natura 2000, WFD, MSFD) with regard to “harvesting” marine resources (e.g. macroalgae, reed);
  • Consider how new uses of marine resources shall be taken into account in Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans (i.e. develop pilot plans in various regions, develop criteria for “suitable sites”);
  • Draw recommendations for EU policy development on Baltic Sea resources uses;
  • Draw recommendations and encourage BSR-wide agreement on integrating reed and mariculture cultivations as an environmental remediation measure under HELCOM BSAP;
  • Draw recommendations on creating incentives for combinations with offshore wind parks;
  • Draw recommendations for a common approach to use fish aquaculture as a suitable measure for restocking;
  • Assess tools for ensuring the exploitation rights for all actors involved in the finding phase, development and commercialisation of Blue Biotechnology products.


Network Coordinators


  • Responsible national and regional authorities
  • relevant research institutions

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