Technology development
and transfer

Develop environmentally friendly and cost efficient technologies suitable for Baltic Sea
conditions taking into account knowledge and technologies from terrestrial resources

Suggested actions

  • Foster communication, collaboration and technology transfer in and between BSR countries by:
    • Collecting information about technologies and scientific expertise available on national level;
    • Match-making between technology providers and technology users to encourage communication between two communities;
    • Introducing technologies and know-how available in other BSR countries to national research organisations and companies;
    • Offering study visits, meetings, easy websites for registering needs and offering services;
  • Scout for pilot installations and technology providers; enhance information exchange between technology providers and users, foster technology developments:
    • Underwater mussel and macroalgae farming technologies crucial for Baltic Sea conditions (i.e. ice / open coasts);
    • Environmental friendly reed and beach cast harvesting technologies;
    • IMTA production methods;
    • Aquaculture developments, including solutions combined with different kinds of wind parks and new production methods for IMTA and RAS systems;
    • New RAS systems combined with energy efficient solutions;
    • Water treatment technologies using blue biotechnology or algae cultivation;
    • Microalgae cultivation technology (open pond/photobioreactor, structure of the photobioreactor, cooling/heating and mixing of microalgae cultures) suitable for seasonal fluctuations of temperature and light in the BSR;
    • Scale-up of sustainable processes necessary for getting the basis materials such as raw materials, valuable ingredients, or cells from marine organisms for the Blue Biotechnology products;
    • Adapt and develop biosensors suitable for marine resources;
    • Develop combined wave energy converter deployment with existing installations.


Network Coordinators


  • Maritime and innovation clusters
  • Technology parks
  • Private companies

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