The Estonian project partners conducted the 1st stakeholder meeting within the GRASS project

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In total 18 stakeholder meetings are planned within the duration of the GRASS project divided by 6 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Germany).

Two Estonian project partners of GRASS project organized the 1st stakeholder meeting with national stakeholders. During the meeting the project GRASS and its aims were presented by University of Tartu and also another Interreg BSR project CONTRA was integrated into the stakeholder session.

Eutrophication is one of the biggest challenges the Baltic Sea is currently facing. Decades of policy initiatives to reduce external (land-based and atmospheric) nutrient loads have so far failed to control eutrophication, which is compounded by significant internal release of legacy phosphorus (P) and biological nitrogen (N) fixation. This calls for new smart solutions in the Baltic Sea marine environment that would help to mitigate the adverse effects of eutrophication and extract nutrients out of the system.

The stakeholder meeting encompassed a brief introduction about different novel supporting measures in the field of aquaculture that can be applied. The introduction was given by the head of the department of Fisheries, Ain Soome (Ministry of Rural Affairs, Republic of Estonia).

Rene Reisner from the Estonian Ministry of the Environment expressed a need to support projects that consider value chains holistically i.e. from harvesting and/or production to added value chains. Public authorities are an important target group for all 18 stakeholder meetings within GRASS.


Status 24.10.2019

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