Who protects maritime cultural heritage in Finland and how?

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Many different agencies are involved in the safeguarding of maritime cultural heritage, including museums and associations.

Other authorities involved in such protection, include environmental authorities, the Finnish Navy, Metsähallitus, as well as the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (VÄYLÄ). In Åland, such protection is the responsibility of the provincial government. In sea areas, shipwreck sites are supervised by the coastguards of the Gulf of Finland and Western Finland.

The Finnish Heritage Agency is also involved in the protection of maritime cultural heritage. Regarding underwater cultural heritage, the Finnish Heritage Agency is the only authority responsible for its protection on the Finnish mainland. The agency’s tasks include participating in the protection, identification, and evaluation of marine and underwater cultural heritage. The cultural environment is protected through legislation, cooperation between environmental and cultural administrations, as well as through the help of business and citizen activities.

To support land-use planning, the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Regional Museums issues statements on maritime archaeological, architectural, and cultural heritage landscapes. The agencies also develops protection, management and repair methods, as well as promoting the values and opportunities of the cultural environment. In addition, the Finnish Heritage Agency grants funding for the restoration of buildings and vessels, as well as for the maintenance of World Heritage sites and ancient artefacts. In the Åland region, the body responsible for protecting maritime cultural heritage is the provincial government.

Source: Finnish Baltic Sea portal

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