Seaweed straws of B'ZEOS

The Norwegian startup B'ZEOS is devleoping a seaweed-based material capable of replacing plastic pellets that can be used to produce single-use plastics as straws.

B'ZEOS is a start-up developing the product ZEOStraw, aiming at replacing plastic straws by organic ones. The philosophy of the company is wrapped up in one meaningful quote by Michael Braungart: Nature produces no waste, only nutrients​. B'ZEOS believes that even such a simple product as a straw can bring value to those who consume it, even though (or even more due to the fact that) the life cycle of a straw is so short.

Founder and CEO Guy Maurice has worked in many different environments, from Panama, Madagascar to Congo and Burundi, where he was involved in waste management projects. Despite the rich biodiversity of these places, there was an increasing challenge of waste management. As Guy explained in the BioMarine Community interview “I was working with waste management, helping municipalities to define better and more efficient strategies and put them into practice, which was a major challenge. During one of my Projects, I realized that despite all efforts, the waste was still being redirected to a burning landfill and all our efforts were going to waste”. Feeling uncomfortable and unable to change the attitude of local governments, Guy decided to act after being served a plastic straw, in a so-alleged organic and sustainable bar in NYC, this occurance was the final trigger. After searching for biodegradable alternatives to straws, and realizing no solutions existed so far, B’ZEOS was the answer! A few months later, Guy was looking at (and trying) the first straw prototypes made from seaweed.

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Parts of the text come from the article of BioMarine Community

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